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Visiting Prague.

Prague, June 15, 2010, almost half past eight in the evening. A room on the fifth floor of a hotel just outside the old town of Prague. The Moldau, or Vltava as the river is called here, separates the old town and the neighbourhood where my hotel is. I was a bit surprised by the growing tension I felt during the course of the evening. It had slowly almost taken possession of me, when there was a knock at the door of my hotel room. I knew that around this time someone would come to visit me.

Earlier today, in the afternoon, I met Marrec in the old town. For the first time ‘in real life’ as they call it. Marrec and I had been in contact with each other many times through the Internet, on a well known BDSM forum to be precise. At one time I told him that my work would take me to his hometown. He insisted that we would meet. And if I came, he would have an original gift for me, he promised.

Our meeting went very well. And even though I, because of my work, actually wanted to spend only one hour with him, our get together lasted for several -very pleasant- hours. It seemed like we knew each other for years as good friends already. When in the end I was forced to bid him farewell, I really still had a few things to do for my job, he asked what time I was done.
At first I thought he was planning to, for example, take me out to dinner or so. But no, he had something else in mind. He reminded me of “the present” he promised me.
Because I had to miss out on my own slave girl for a few days, he insisted that I could simply borrow his "doll". That was an offer I could not and did not want to refuse.
I told him which hotel I was staying in and at what time I expected to have finished working. He promised he would deliver his slave girl at half past eight at my room.

I opened the door and Marrec looked at me triumphantly. Behind him stood a person dressed in a raincoat wearing a big hat and carrying a black leather briefcase. The face was not easily visible because the large hat created a shadow over the face, and the person looked at the floor. This person had to be his doll, I was sure.
Marrec followed me into my room and pulled his doll inside behind him.
Once inside, I closed the door. Marrec made it clear to the woman, or better the doll, that she had put down her briefcase and her take off her raincoat, because that was what she did, though I did not understand a word of what he had said. The woman was wearing no cloths under her trench coat and she tried to cover her naked body with her arms. The result was a snarl of her master, and a firm slap on her buttocks. Immediately she let her arms hang down beside her body and looked at the ground in embarrassment.

"Have fun with her, toys are in the ... um ... box", Marrec said in his best English to me and pointed to the black briefcase. He added: "Sorry, but she not speak English."
I looked at him dubiously, and he laughed when he saw my face.
"No worry Lex. No saveword, no limit. You just have fun with her." And his smile appeared on his face once more.
"How long you want her?" He wanted to know.
"Only tonight. Tomorrow I have to fly back home again", I replied.
"You know, I pick her up tomorrow morning. You can have many fun all night long", Marrec concluded.
I thanked my friend and he left, but not before he had instructed his slave girl verbally and with certain hand gestures. She nodded and the tension was clearly visible on her face.
After Marrec had left my hotel room and I had closed the door behind him, his doll (I had decided -for the time being- to call her that way) fell on her knees and sat down in nadu. She waited patiently on what was going to happen. She looked at the floor and said nothing. So if I wanted something to happen, I had to take the initiative.

I decided to have a look in the briefcase she had taken inside. A combination lock however prevented me from opening it. So I placed the briefcase before the slave girl on the floor and with hand signs and made it clear to her that she had to open it for me.
She understood me and turned the dials to the numbers 6-6-6. I had to laugh.
My new doll opened the lid a bit and handed me the briefcase.

There were all kinds of things in it. Things that make a sub's life very enjoyable, or not. It all depends on how you look at it.
This doll had to thaw a little. After some thought, I decided what to do with her.
I stood before her and reached my hand out to her. Gingerly she put her hand in mine and then I pulled her up so she was standing.
"Good girl", I said as calmly as I could. I trusted that the intonation meant more to her than what I actually said.
Then I took her to a small desk and pushed her over so she could lean on it with her upper body.
From the briefcase I took a short whip with rubber strips and started to warm up the doll's back and bottom. She clearly liked what I was doing because I saw how her body relaxed. Nice red stripes coloured her white flesh. Also the few hard whips I gave her intermittently, were apparently effortlessly accepted.
Then I thought is was ime to roll my doll over to her back. She wasn't in a comfortable position now, but I did not care of course. Her breasts, abdomen and occasionally her crotch were now targets for the whip. It was pleasant to see her surrendering.
After a while I thought she was warmed up enough and now I wanted to test her resilience in tight bondage. I think it's a wonderful sight, a sub that can hardly move an inch. The briefcase provided the tools. Ty-raps in different sizes, bondage tape and rope were sufficiently present in the suitcase. What a pleasure.

I manoeuvred my doll to the bed and left her on her belly. Because I had still plenty of time, I wanted to see how much she could take.
First I tied her arms on her back. For each arm, just above the elbow, I fixed a long ty-rap as a closed ring around her arm. A third, smaller, ty-rap I used to pull the other two together. By tightening the third ty-rap, I could pull her arms more and more together until she started making moaning noises, proof of her growing discomfort. She was not the paragon of physical flexibility, I say.

Her wrists were next. Two ty-raps were enough to fix those together. I also let her make two fists and wrapped both hands in bondage tape. Small beads of sweat began to emerge on the dolls upper lip. Beautiful!
I moved my attention to her legs. Those were easy to fix with two ty-raps around her ankles as well as two just above her knees.
"Good girl", I said again and gave her an encouraging tap on her buttocks.
The next to do, was to arrange a breast bondage. Rope enough in the briefcase, so nothing to stop me from doing it. After rotating her body back and forth and turning my little doll around, I managed to apply a tight breast bondage, if I say so myself. And by doing so, I had created a basis for the next step I wanted to carry out.

The next step being, bending her legs in the direction of the back of her head. But first I pulled the ty-rap holding her elbows together a little tighter.
Now the doll began to make sincere groan noises, especially after I fixed a piece of bondage rope between her ankles and the rope around her chest, and pulled her legs towards her back that way.

As mentioned earlier, the doll did not excel in flexibility. I was not even halfway to where I wanted to go, when the groaning noises turned into screams. I thought it was kind of her to "thank" me that way. But you know, even a hotel room has "neighbours". Before you know it, they think you're another Joran van der Sloot (after all I’m Dutch like he is). So I had to take care of the noise she made first.
Once again the briefcase offered help. Not long after, my doll was neatly gagged and her head was richly wrapped with bondage tape, keeping her nostrils free of course so she could breathe.

Because I had lost precious time creating the gag, I thought she had to pay for that. The "costs" for her were that I pulled her elbows a little closer together once more. She didn't agree, but clearly had no saying in this.
After another good tug on the rope between her ankles and breast bondage, I reached her limits in flexibility. Almost steam escaped from behind the gag I tell you, and I couldn't see her eyes, but if looks could kill.... I could only laugh at her.
But I wasn't finished yet. I decided that the finishing touch would be to bring her head back, arching her back just a little more, and fixing her posture completely this way. Two long ty-raps did the job for me and allowed my doll no way out.

Although her sweat, now coming from all pores, suggested otherwise, she might have cooled down a little bit. So I turned her on her side revealing her breasts, both showing some nice discoloration due to the tight bondage.
I worked her tits with a riding crop this time and with every touch a short pulse went through her body. Can you imagine how she would have contorted had she been loose.
When her snorting turned into sniffles I knew the little doll had enough.
I unwrapped the tape around the gag so she could breathe a little easier. After all one must be a bit careful with other people's property.

While my little doll was still sobbing a bit, my fingers tried to find their way towards her cunt, just to see if she had enjoyed it as much as I though she had. It was no surprise to notice that this chick had enjoyed it. Even a lot. Insofar as my fingers could go on, I could only feel a wet pussy.
But hey, these neat slave girls are especially there to serve their Master, and all the tying up and all hadn't left me without excitement. Merely to please myself I turned the doll back on her stomach with her face down and pulled her to the edge of the bed. Using a pair of scissors I cut the ty-raps that had kept her head back.
The relieve this meant for her was short lived, for a new challenge presented itself to her, my swollen pole.
I forced her to open her mouth and slid my "number 11" in, up to her throat. She almost pranced but gravity itself brought her back where she started, on the bed. Coughing and groaning she began her new assignment, and wasn't allowed to stop until my warm seamen filled her mouth.

The following morning, when Marrec came to pick her up again, I thanked him for his wonderful present. He told me she would be available for me next time I would be over in Prague.
When they left the little doll had to thank me, so she said: dekuji moc mistr.
"Good girl" I said in reply. She even managed to give me a smile. "See you next time", I said when I closed the door after them.
When was it again, my next visit.....?

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